Ben In Dresses

I like crossdressing. And my beard. Among a variety of other things. If you like both or either, hit me up. Pittsburgh, Jew, twenty-one, bi/queer

I'm truly grateful for everyone who writes in, follows me, or spreads my pictures. I'm always amazed that other people enjoy and are inspired by what I just think is having a good time. The world is a changing place, people are much more accepting of men in skirts and dresses. Let's smash the binaries and encourage expression! If you ever have questions about me or what I do, I am very open to answering them!

Here Comes The SUN!! Thanks for sticking by through the long cold winter, everyone! Welcome to new followers, welcome back to the old :D I’m back and doing very well!

We’re not quite chronological today, but I’ll give you the run down! Everything but Pics 6 and 8 are from today and yesterday. 6 is a picture of my new Etsy necklace, the AURYN from The Neverending Story, super glad to have it, even people who don’t know what it is seem to love it. 8 is from my Choir Trip over spring break, took a few hours in The MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York. “Starry Night” was right around the first bend, matches my picture with the “Mona Lisa”…

Pic 3 was also a few weeks back, Couldn’t not post a pic of me with J-Star!! (

Yesterday (Spring Day 2) seemed sunny enough for a new black skirt from my friend Sam N, and, although it SNOWED for a few hours, it was back up to 50 degrees for a run at Pittsburgh’s South Side shops with an old high school friend, Liz, featured previously. Bought the new dresses featured in 1,2,4,5, and 7. The purple with the cute neckline is from H&M, took it out today and got some of the best responses I have in a long time. (Taking it to a poetry reading tonight!!!) The Black dress flare up like no other, and since it was $5 at Goodwill, well…who needs groceries, eh?

The last two pictures were taken at Pitt’s bowling alley, which I had NO CLUE existed. Sometimes you think you know nearly all of your school’s secrets, and then… wowie!

TL;DR- I’ve been gone way too long, it’s a blast to be back, hope you enjoy the new pics and dresses! As always, feel free to shoot me an ask about anything you want :D

  • 22 March 2014
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