Ben In Dresses

I like crossdressing. And my beard. Among a variety of other things. If you like both or either, hit me up. Pittsburgh, Jew, twenty-one, bi/queer

I'm truly grateful for everyone who writes in, follows me, or spreads my pictures. I'm always amazed that other people enjoy and are inspired by what I just think is having a good time. The world is a changing place, people are much more accepting of men in skirts and dresses. Let's smash the binaries and encourage expression! If you ever have questions about me or what I do, I am very open to answering them!

Bought this one, can’t wait to wear it out next sunny day. It’s the birthday of a follower today, I figured there was a chance she might want a bunch of Ben in Dresses as a present.

  • 11 April 2013
  • 40